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18Gbps MXNet 10G Transceiver Encoder/Decoder Unit


    Podrobnosti o produktu


    AC-MXNET-10G-TCVR, a single SKU, dual-use configurable, advanced modular AV-over-IP encoding / decoding IP streaming solution.


    Whether deployed as a transmitter (Encoder) or receiver (Decoder), AVPro Edge has cultivated multiple advanced concepts into this device. The new AC-MXNET-10G-TCVR serves as both a gateway and destination point for the 10G lineup of AV-over-IP multicast offerings from AVPro Edge.


    The following details will assist in getting you acquainted with this device:

    • Maximum range up to 100 meters using a single twisted pair Cat6a cable (40m/Cat5e, 55m/Cat6)
    • Maximum range up to 18.6 miles using single-mode fiber, through industry standard SFP+ modules
    • System scalability limited only by available switch ports
    • Zero frame latency, zero image artifacts, zero compression up to 4K/30fps 4:4:4 8-bit.
    • HDMI 4K/60fps 4:4:4 8-bit (100µs frame latency, or 1/150th of a frame); 4K/60fps 4:2:2 10-bit, and 4K/60fps 4:2:0 12-bit, are transported visually lossless with a pixel-perfect light compression of 1.3:1
    • Data packetization at encoding enables pixel-perfect transport and decoding for artifact-free, crystal clear images
    • Full Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, and IMAX Enhanced support
    • Auto Color Space cross-conversion for RGB sources (full API adjustability at any point in the signal chain)
    • Fast Switching, with Upscaling to 4K or Downscaling from 4K supported when operating in Decoder mode
    • Software-defined MultiView with Simple Grid, Hybrid Grid, Window Tiling, Picture-In-Picture (PIP) and Picture-And-Picture (PAP), plus arbitrary customized layouts available at any endpoint requiring no additional equipment
    • Video wall configurations feature bezel correction and asymmetric wall support, for wall arrays up to 8 x 8.
    • HDMI embedded audio pass-through for up to 8 channels LPCM with up to 24-bit depth and 192kHz sampling rate, including support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Independent routing with breakaway for: de-embedded HDMI audio (8 ch / LPCM/ 192/24) and 2-ch / Downmixed de-embedded HDMI audio. Analog stereo audio (up to 24-bit / 48 kHz sampling rate) may be extracted
    • Bidirectional Control for: IR; RS-232; USB HID; Ethernet 1Gbps
    • USB-B Host connection and KVM Control
    • Two units may be paired as Point-to-Point extenders outside of a 10Gbps network
    • Third-party control and MXNet-10G Mentor WEB GUI via AC-MXNET-10G-CBOX


    Audio, Video and Control signals reside on autonomously isolated layers within the SDVoE platform, each independently routable for unparalleled flexibility with flawless distribution over a 10GbE copper, fiber, or hybrid-blended network. A built-in, segregated, 1GbE Ethernet w/PoE full gigabit sub-network channel is reserved for high-speed local network connections.


    When selected for transmitter mode, an AC-MXNET-10G-TCVR sends content from a connected source, via multicasting, to individual or multiple endpoints on the network. In contrast, traditional A/V distribution layouts such as HDBaseT and HDMI anchor a matrix switcher, forcing source localization into the rack environment.

    Presently, a physical HDMI matrix in a low distance application (one-on-one, point-to-point connections with displays, via NextGen Active Optical HDMI cables) will provide the best video performance for all possible sources, such as 4K/120fps game consoles. With commercial applications such as those industrial or perhaps campus-related, untethered sources injected into a network by an AC-MXNET-10G-TCVR from decentralized locations represents the ultimate in system design freedom and deployment ease. Sources may be set for their highest capabilities (up to 4K/60fps) and the MXNET ecosystem diligently handles all details.


    Configured for decoder mode, an AC-MXNET-10G-TCVR transforms into a technical tour de force in every conceivable way. Connected to a display, AC-MXNET-10G-TCVR memorizes the display’s EDID while automatically adjusting colorspace (colorspace cross-conversion from RGB to YUV when necessary) for all source devices, computers, or streamed video. Any version of HDR metadata is passed-through to HDR-capable displays, while being blocked automatically from SDR displays. Onboard scaling for no-wait, rapid switching also provides MultiView compositing, available on any display type. Video wall arrays are easily configured using built-in, advanced software bezel correction.


    The MXNET-10G ecosystem supports concurrent system matrixing, MultiView, and Video Wall operation, while independently routing audio, video, control or USB HID signals. Twisted-pair copper, fiber, and hybrid system connectivity is supported, whether the device is commissioned as encoder or decoder. MXNET-10G Mentor access, via the AC- MXNET-10G-CBOX, enables rapid API system configuration changes, with the front-facing OLED display providing eye-glance quick system monitoring.


    Key Benefits For Using The AC-MXNET-10G-TCVR


    The Matrix Transformed - AVPro Edge is a contributing member company in the SDVoE Alliance, the next generation of AV-over-IP. The MXNet-10G ecosystem of controller, transceiver and switches represents an entirely new approach to AV system design at an unconstrained scale. Signal distance is essentially eliminated as a deciding factor in product selection or for utilizing system features.


    The AC-MXNET-10G-TCVR is perhaps the pivotal MXNet-10G ecosystem component performing dual heavy lifting, easily selectable from the front panel. As an Encoder-Transmitter, the AC-MXNET-10G-TCVR transcends traditional matrices by eliminating physical limitations such as input availability and source location, or stipulations with source format. The encoded source signal is “packetized”, then transported across the network to AC-MXNET-10G-TCVR units configured as decoder-receivers. The number of devices is limited only by the number of available switch ports.


    Genlock Mode – Video signals transported through the MXNet-10G ecosystem are either uncompressed or use visually lossless, pixel-perfect imperceptible light compression. In mission critical applications, Genlock mode synchronizes decoder output with encoder input, matching the signal ‘as is’. This reduces latency to a maximum of 0.1ms (1/400th of a frame), equal to a traditional matrix switch for live performances, critical medical applications, or in a professional content mastering environment.


    Seamless Fast Switching – When scaling is not bypassed in the decoder (as in Genlock mode), switching is still blazing fast… between one to two frames, or approximately 17-34 milliseconds. An AC-MXNET-10G-TCVR in decoder-receiver mode tethers to the display, avoiding re-sync and the dreaded “black screen”. Where required, an image can be Upscaled to 4K or Downscaled from 4K.


    MultiView Designed-In – Any monitor, television or projector connected to an AC-MXNET-10G-TCVR configured as a receiver (decoder) video end point can display MultiView compositing without additional equipment. Up to 32 images ( 8 x 4 or 4 x 8 ) may be displayed as Simple Grid, Hybrid Grid, Window Tiling, Picture-In-Picture (PIP) and Picture-And-Picture (PAP) or may be customized per application.


    Video Wall Ready – The AC-MXNET-10G-TCVR includes provisions for bezel optimization and supports asymmetric layouts. Video walls up to 8 x 8 are possible, using AC-MXNET-10G-TCVR units paired with associated displays.


    Audio Breakaway and Independent Routing – Any audio signal supported by HDMI 2.0b can be distributed over the MXNet-10G ecosystem. Clubs, sports bars, and family-themed venues benefit with breakaway audio. Premium residential projects frequently traffic video and multichannel audio via independent pathways. With the AVPro Edge AC-MXNET-10G-TCVR, outside-the-box creativity with the system blueprint is endless.


    MXNet 10G Mentor - Access, via the AC- MXNET-10G-CBOX, enables rapid API system configuration and changes


    Open-Architecture System Layout – With both copper and fiber I/O’s, system design possibilities are unlimited. Across the hall or across the campus, signal integrity is highest in quality and lowest in latency with AC-MXNET-10G-TCVR encoders and decoders linked in operation. Never before have integration professionals been presented with a blank slate the magnitude of MXNet-10G.



    Šířka (mm) 215
    Výška (mm) 25
    Hloubka (mm) 140
    Barva černá
    Hmotnost 0.8 kg

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    Ivan Trachta, +420 602 180 597

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    Šířka (mm) 215
    Výška (mm) 25
    Hloubka (mm) 140
    Barva černá
    Hmotnost 0.8 kg

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