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AVPro Edge AC-EX40-444-PLUS-KIT

40m 18Gbps 4K60 (4:4:4) HDBaseT Extender Kit (Tx & Rx) with USB extension, ARC

AVPro Edge AC-EX40-444-PLUS-KIT

    Podrobnosti o produktu


    Future-forward and backwards-compatible, the new AC-EX-40-444-PLUS-KIT brings HDBaseT Spec 3.0 capabilities into AVPro Edge intermediate range HDMI extenders. But any telling of AVPro Edge innovation history is incomplete without mention of the legendary AC-EX40-444-KIT, which debuted Invisible Compression Technology (ICT), our transformative in-house custom-engineered, compression-transparent, proprietary algorithm, revolutionizing HDMI extension technology while simultaneously establishing the reference standard for point-to-point transmission of UHD 4K60Hz 4:4:4 signals using copper category cabling.


    In this newly updated version, the AC-EX40-444-PLUS-KIT now arrives configured in the same elegant form factor as class-leading HDMI extension stablemate, the AC-EX100-444-KIT. This uptick in chassis proportions provides the additional internal real estate necessary to implement a newly developed application-specific integrated circuit. This ASIC features AVPro Edge’s exclusive 18Gbps Bandwidth-Adaptable Output Configuration, giving residential and commercial integrators options for managing signal bandwidth to match installation infrastructure challenges. For new installations or where Category 6A or better (shielded is preferred) cabling with precision termination exists, the AC-EX40-444-PLUS-KIT flawlessly transports uncompressed HDMI 2.0 video up to 40 meters (131 ft). In applications encountering legacy Category 5-rated cabling, a compression option of 10.2 Gbps using ICT may be enabled, switch-selectable from a chassis-mounted toggle to ferry content up to 70 meters (230 ft). The Bandwidth-Adaptable Output Configuration also serves as a convenient fallback should content expected to passthrough the system uncompressed fails to do so for an unidentifiable reason.


    The AC-EX-40-444-PLUS-KIT supports eARC signal transfer, along with Dolby Vision plus static and dynamic HDR metadata formats. They say legends can never be replaced…the AC-EX40-444-PLUS-KIT politely disagrees, awaiting the opportunity to excel in one of your legendary installations.


    Key benefits of using AC-EX40-444-PLUS-KIT:


    When AVPro Edge set out to design HDMI extension devices, we knew the 10.2 Gbps constraint of copper category wire precluded the use of compression technology. Chip sets that centralized their operational characteristics to Display Stream Compression (DSC) were carefully auditioned and were found unable to meet our deep-rooted performance demands honed from our long association with the Imaging Science Foundation.


    Because AVPro Edge is a vertically aligned, board-level up, core manufacturer and not merely an assembler using widely available, pre-configured, third-party internals, our engineering team determined the only uncompromising solution would be to author an original algorithm. This clean slate started with procuring the highest caliber component parts available to create the circuit architecture required for unalterable, precision calculations at blazing speeds.


    What evolved was a powerful, artifact-free algorithm we named ICT, Invisible Compression Technology, to accurately process high bandwidth video signals at any conventional resolution, frame rate, and chroma configuration while delivering unmatched value with unparalleled performance. ICT’s specialty is spotlighted by what you won’t see:

    • No acute banding: In expansive scenes where multiple adjacent hues subtly blend, such as extra-wide shots featuring skies, oceans, or deserts, seashell-shaped sculpted lines become prominently visible within the image. Competing manufacturers using standard compression technology options are forced to reduce bit rate for bandwidth preservation, resulting in poorly rendered images when reconstructed at the receiving end.
    • No pale, washed-out colors: Ferrari’s famous Rosso Corsa Formula 1 red will never appear as carnation pink with ICT.
    • No motion artifacts: Simply stated, an artifact is an anomaly appearing in the reconstructed image on the receiving end display, which was not present in the source, prior to extension. There are dozens of acronyms for these peculiarities, all which will remain unseen with ICT by AVPro Edge.
    • ICT provides a more engaging, wide-spectrum, user-immersive experience by preventing artifacts DSC might allow to develop.


    UNCOMPRESSED SIGNAL TRANSFER: While ICT remains a core fundamental AVPro Edge technology broadly used in applications by all walks of integrators, new ASIC designs have elevated signal processing to a level where we are now able to deliver 4K/60Hz 4:4:4 content point-to-point, uncompressed.


    EXTEND 4K60 4:4:4 WITH HDR SIGNALS: HDCP was conceived to assure content holders copy protection for their media. The 19 conductor HDMI format was designed to facilitate this process when transporting media between devices, using a total of 8, small gauge wires to handle video information with the bulk of those remaining devoted to system policing. It wasn’t envisioned that sources would be placed elsewhere than the immediate display location, and the first HDMI cable designs dramatically exemplified these inherent problems with a useable HDMI cable length barely exceeding fifteen feet. Over time, this thankfully has been addressed in a variety of well-sorted ways, including AVPro Edge Bullet Train cables. Still, no successful “on-site, made to length” HDMI cables exist. The extraordinary AC-EX-40-444-PLUS-KIT extends a high bandwidth UHD 4K source an impressive one hundred and thirty-one feet including Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, or HLG.


    DISTANCE CAPABILITIES: Transmission distance varies by resolution bandwidth. HD 1080P signals can be sent 70 meters (230’) while 4K resolutions reliably reach 40 meters (131’). For new construction or whenever possible, shielded CAT6A is recommended. RJ-45 easy-type terminations are not recommended (HDBaseT cautions against their use).


    NEAR-ZERO LATENCY: Latency is less than 8 microseconds, measurable but visually undetectable.


    DOWNSCALING: Problem-solving scaling circuitry is incorporated into the AC-EX40-444-PLUS-KIT transmitter chassis, capable of rescaling UHD 4K (including HDR signals) to 1080P. When paired with an AVPro Edge HDMI matrix switcher, scaling with EDID management allows the extender to tailor signal delivery in the highest caliber image fidelity when legacy displays are retained. The AC-EX40-444-KIT simplifies deployment and prevents diluted performance in a mixed system.


    AUDIO EXTRACTION: PCM 2 Channel L/R Audio can be extracted from the transmitter end through the TOSLINK digital output and sent to an AVR or distribution amplifier. NOTE: This port will only work when the source is set to output 2-Channel Audio. If downmixing is required, please see the AVPro Edge AC-AVDM-AUHD.


    eARC SUPPORT: eARC is supported, compatible with all high bitrate and immersive audio formats. eARC also makes HDCP “handshaking” between compatible products smoother without the frequent complications often associated with CEC.


    ONBOARD TROUBLESHOOTING: Leave your Fox & Hound test kit behind in the shop? The AC-EX40-444-PLUS-KIT has you covered. When required, the transmitter can generate a 1080p or 4K test pattern to aid with wire verification, switcher configuration settings, or source viability.


    COMPREHENSIVE EDID MANAGEMENT: Legacy HD displays are often retained for use in new installation projects and occasionally their dated EDIDs impart problems contending with present-day sources. Robust EDID control on the AC-EX40-444-PLUS-KIT enables juggling video resolutions and audio codec combinations for an EDID that provides a congenial match for reliable system operation. EDID Copy allows for acute copying and saving of a known, working EDID, for stable kit functionality and HDCP repeatability.


    CONTROL OPTIONS: Configurable, bidirectional control for IR & RS-232 signals provides a carefully nuanced added plus to the AC-EX40-444-PLUS-KIT, consolidating wiring to a solitary pull and mitigating the use of supplemental devices for a clean, efficient installation. Simplified control requirements can take advantage of the AC-EX40-444-PLUS-KIT’s I-PASS, forwarding commands directly from a control system IR-out port into the TX unit I-PASS input, proceeding to the receiving end and routing directly from the RX unit’s IR-out into the display’s IR input jack (if equipped) or through an attached IR emitter. ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection adds a welcomed layer of defense for all connected products.



    Rozměry 196.85 x 21.8 x 113.68 mm (kus), 317.6 x 79.38 x 184.15 mm (balenie)
    Barva černá
    Hmotnost 0.54 kg (kus), 1.63 kg (balenie)

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    Ivan Trachta, +420 602 180 597

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    Rozměry 196.85 x 21.8 x 113.68 mm (kus), 317.6 x 79.38 x 184.15 mm (balenie)
    Barva černá
    Hmotnost 0.54 kg (kus), 1.63 kg (balenie)