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2CH, Analog Stereo-to-Dante Platform Encoder

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    Podrobnosti o produktu

     The AVPro Edge AC-DANTE-E is a compact, two-channel, analog stereo-to-Dante platform encoder. Analog audio signals from sources with RCA-type stereo output connectors, such as Compact Disc changers, streaming media players, CATV/DBS set-top boxes, legacy tape machines, along with tuners for FM/HD Radio/ Internet radio and DAB+ (broadcasting to Europe, the Middle East, Asia, plus the Oceanic countries) may be digitally encoded by the AC-DANTE-E for distribution to other devices on a Dante network. Installation applications for house-of-worship, education, hotel/conference, and restaurant/retail with support equipment such as mixers, SD/USB recorders, and computer-related audio may use Dante devices for high quality, near-zero latency distribution of voice and music signaling. Loop-out from the AC-DANTE-E provides analog domain signal pass-through continuity.

    When powered up and connected to a Dante network the AC-DANTE-E becomes ‘discovered’, available to patch audio to any Dante enabled device, including the AVPro Edge AC-DANTE-D decoder, using Dante Controller software. On the chassis face, two LED activity monitors indicate power and signal status.  

    Note: The Dante port is not PoE. Unit power is provided by an external AC-to-DC 5V-1A power converter via a USB Type A to Type C cable, both included.

    While Dante effectively makes use of Ethernet technology for signal transmission (CAT5e or CAT6 cabling, RJ-45 connectors, and standard network switches), it is not identical to Ethernet, with Dante networks typically isolated to their own closed system environment. All AVPro Edge MXNET 1G switches may be used stand-alone for Dante network configurations. Dante and MXNET 1G systems may coexist in hybrid fashion, sharing the same network switch. 

    AVPro Edge employs Dante’s Ultimo chipset, with an ADC-DAC process that is 100% lossless while utilizing sampling rates from 44.1kHz to as high as 96kHz, in 16-, 24- or 32-bit word lengths. Transfer distance matches Ethernet at 100 meters (328 ft) with results dependent on cable quality, termination precision, and the degree of noise within the cable routing environment.
    Key benefits of using AC-DANTE-E:
    Easily interface analog audio sources with a Dante-platformed system
    Audio loop-out for signal system continuity
    Low profile, compact design for placement options
    Auto device-discovery on a Dante network
    Activity LEDs provide power and signal status
    Makes a convenient stand-alone connectivity pair with the AC-DANTE-D decoder



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    Ivan Trachta, +420 602 180 597

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