Adeo ALUMID Tensio CTS NOB 2581x4130mm VisionWhite, BT 100mm

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Adeo ALUMID Tensio CTS NOB 2581x4130mm VisionWhite
Adeo Screen
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    The research carried out by Adeo on tensioning systems has reached a new record, crossing the threshold of the 3.5 m. base with the  Alumid screen. Marked by the quality of its in-built roller and solidity of the entire structure. this screen can be used in the Tensio version.

    The CTS (Constant Tension System) provides constant self-tensioning through time, obtained through two counterweights hooked onto hinges at the ends of the screen’s base, which tension the rigid cables threaded through the lateral eyelets. During screen rolling the eyelets remain outside the edge of the surface, thus avoiding the formation of annoying creases.

    A must for providing high quality projection even in large-scale environments and in the presence of a vast audience.

    Create your own screen with PSS (Personal Screen System):

       Personalized dimensions: width and height
       Roller type: standard motorized and radio integrated
       Case: available only with case
       Case colour: available white or black
       Aspect ratios: 1:1 - 4:3 - 16:10 - 16:9 - 21:9 - 2.37:1 - 2.40:1
       Viewing area width: from 363 to 413 cm
       Projection surfaces: ReferenceWhite, ReferenceGrey, VisionWhite, VisionWhitePro*, VisionAcoustik, VisionMacroAcoustik, VisionRear DB, VisionRear only without black borders
       Height of Top: from 10 to 45 cm
       Projection surface drop: front or rear
       Side of command/motor: right or left

    *Only for width up to 406 cm.



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    Ivan Trachta, +420 602 180 597

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